Run to the Beach 5K & 10K (July 4th, 2015)

Photo Credit: Tahoe Trail Running Series
Photo Credit: Tahoe Trail Running Series

Planning ahead for July runs can sometimes be difficult given how hot it can be during that time of year in Reno and Lake Tahoe.  However, for those that are looking forward to a nice vacation escape to Lake Tahoe this 4th of July, this run would be an ideal candidate to fit in to your schedule.

Most people think of their 4th of July vacation as BBQ, beer, camping, and family (I know I typically do), so planning a race while you’re enjoying the sunshine at Lake Tahoe is a good way to keep that running motivation.  Especially if you have a longer race planned for this fall and you don’t want to get lazy (I know I definitely fall victim).  I mean… hopefully you are training for the Lake Tahoe marathon, so this race will keep you set on your goals and training schedule or at least give you a glimpse of how nice Lake Tahoe is during the summer.

Photo Credit: Vegpedlr
Photo Credit: Vegpedlr

The Tahoe Trail Running Series has both an excellent Run to the Beach 5k and 10k event planned at Kings Beach on the morning of July 4th with both races beginning at the North Tahoe Regional Park.  The 5k is a very fast downhill run, while the 10k has a fairly good climb, but both races should provide a nice beautiful 4th of July experience in the North Tahoe area. Both races do finish on the Beach at the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area.

The course “tours runners through scenic pine forest with breathtaking lake views and finishes on the beach in front of the North Tahoe Events Center in Downtown Kings Beach”.  A single dirt track is offered for 10k runners and 5k runners get to experience mostly quiet neighborhoods in the beautiful Kings Beach of Lake Tahoe.

Photo Credit: Tahoe Trail Running Series
Photo Credit: Tahoe Trail Running Series

The Kings Beach 4th of July Fireworks show is offered the night of the 3rd, so it may be a little bit of a struggle to get up for the race if you plan on staying out late, but it is definitely worth it for this race as it showcases the beauty of Lake Tahoe and it is a good reason to make it a weekend event up in Lake Tahoe!

Please share if you plan on attending or have done it in the past, I would love to hear about the experience!

One thought on “Run to the Beach 5K & 10K (July 4th, 2015)

  1. Maddie @ Dixie Runs April 24, 2015 / 8:35 am

    Racing in the summer here in NC is pretty rough… the heat is almost unbearable in July. It would be nice to have a lake to jump into after a race though!


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