Virginia Lake Loop Trail

I’m pretty sure my comments about there not being snow last week prompted a nice little storm that rolled in last night.  Therefore, I’m ecstatic, but my tentative plans for a trail run this weekend fell through and I decided to run a nice easy in-town route at Virginia Lake.

Photo Credit: James Anderson
Photo Credit:
James Anderson

First, a little background on Virginia Lake.  The lake is located in the middle of Reno, and was initially constructed in the 1930’s for the purpose of being a recreational lake.  It is about 12 feet deep when it is full and covers roughly 24.5 acres.  It’s primary purpose when constructed was for fishing and it is still stalked annually with Rainbow Trout.  Therefore, you usually will see some people fishing along the banks or the more common than not… bird population.  Managed by the City of Reno and designated as Virginia Lake Park, it is known for “lunchtime strolling, walking the dog, bird watching…” and of course, running.  It also includes a nice dog park and playground for children at the Southwest Corner of the lake as well as a fitness area at the most northern point.

Virginia Lake The trail loop used for running around the lake is exactly 1 mile long, which keeps it nice for tracking distance if you don’t feel like carrying your phone.  I typically start at the north end of the lake as there is a decent size parking lot located next to the fitness area, but you can pretty much park anywhere around the lake right next to the running path.  It is a nice easy loop for running and probably the best on a sunny summer day.  I typically see a bunch of people walking their dogs, feeding the birds, or jogging around when I’m there.  Today, however, it was snowing, so I felt like I had it all to myself.

This route is also another gem in Reno that you run by during the Reno Tahoe Odyssey relay.  In fact the last leg of the relay runs along the west side of the lake on the way towards the finish line.  It’s pretty nice when you reach this part of the final leg, since you know you’re almost done and you get to enjoy a little bit of Reno as you run by the birds.

Check out a map of the area here.

Make sure you check this one out, even if it is just for a stroll at lunch.  Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you like about it!

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