3rd Annual Leprechaun Chase

Photo credit:  Race178 www.race178.com
Photo credit: Race178

Last year was the first year I participated in Race 178’s Annual Leprechaun Race.  I hadn’t thought much about participating in the race before then because I focused more on running longer distances and a 10k race was probably the shortest I would normally run, but I found this 5k race to be very fun and exciting.  This year will be the 3rd Annual Leprechaun Race and it will be held on Sunday, March 15th.  I guess if I had participated a year before I could call myself a Leprechaun Race veteran, so I missed out on the fancy credentials… but oh well.  There is a bagpiper to serenade you at the start line and the event definitely presents a great St. Patrick’s day theme with tons of people in costume, music, vendors, and prizes for age group winners.

Photo Credit:  Race 178 www.race178.com
Photo Credit: Race 178

The race is located in Midtown Reno and begins and ends at the Discovery Museum at 490 South Center Street.  The race course brilliantly showcases one of Reno’s main St. Patrick’s day celebration venues, Wells Avenue, as well as the local eateries and bars of the Midtown District.   This Midtown area of Reno has definitely boomed the past several years and it is fun to run a nice 5k course through the heart of the area to see all of the new development.

The event is given the title “Leprechaun Race” not just for a catchy race title that happens to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day, but because you actually get to race a Leprechaun (a.k.a Lenny the Leprechaun) .  Well, he is not a REAL leprechaun (he was way too tall), but the cool thing here is that if you beat him, you win a prize.  *Spoiler Alert* you will win an awesome pilsner glass that you could enjoy your post race St. Patrick’s day beer in.  Therefore, there shouldn’t be any issues with motivation here if you plan to enjoy a St. Patty’s day beer anyway.

Speaking of beer, there will be a post-race beer garden at Ceol Irish Pub immediately following the race, if you want to get your St. Patrick’s day celebration started early.  The beer garden doesn’t have free beer, but you pretty much pass the celebration on your way into the finish line, so it’s just a quick walk or cool-down jog from the finish line at The Discovery Museum to your victory beer.

I hope everyone can make it there!  Feel free to share any thoughts from the event that you think will make a newbies first Leprechaun Race that much more special!

Photo credit: Race178 www.race178.com
Photo credit: Race178

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