The Dog Friendly “Go-To” Run for NW Reno

To get the ball rolling on some great running ideas, I thought I would share one of my favorite “quick runs” in Reno, the Caughlin Ranch Trail.  Not to be confused with the Caughlin Ranch Hiking Trail, this running path is actually part of the paved pedestrian trails that are included within the Caughlin Ranch residential area.  There are a variety of different trails in this area, but I find the paved pedestrian paths the best for getting in a quick run on a weekday night and it’s a big plus that it is extremely dog-friendly.

Although I don’t actually live in the Caughlin Ranch neighborhood (even though that would be amazing, since it is definitely a beautiful area), it’s a short five minute drive for me.  Located at Caughlin Parkway, which is at the intersection of Plumb Lane and North McCarran Blvd in Northwest Reno, Caughlin Ranch stretches from the base of the Sierras all the way to the Truckee River.

First things first though: distance and difficulty.  I wouldn’t rate this path as very difficult, but more of one of the beautiful Caughlin Ranch at the Topplaces to run that isn’t too far out of the way. Starting at the entrance of the Caughlin Ranch residential neighborhood on Caughlin Parkway, you are able to park at Caughlin Crossing, which is the first cross street you come to.  You will immediately find signs designating the pedestrian paths.  Beginning at this spot, it is approximately 1.75 miles to the top of the paved path for a round trip run of about 3.5 miles.  It is a gradual incline to the top with a bit of a steep hill at the very end.  However, the path is amazingly well maintained and there is beautiful scenery along the way that makes you hardly notice the incline on the way up.  You are able to see most of Northwest Reno once you get to the top of the paved path, so a little victory feeling with a beautiful view is definitely the way to go.  If you are training for a long run, this route is also relatively short and incorporates some hills as well.  The distance of the run can also vary depending on whether or not you want to start at this same spot.  There are a ton of trails in this area, some merging with the Steamboat Trail or following down to the Truckee River, so it isn’t an all-encompassing option when you decide to give it a try.

Caughlin Ranch Pet Waste StationsThe best thing about the path, especially for all you dog lovers out there, is how
accommodating it is for your canine friend(s).  I mean, the trail has a nice little creek that crisscrosses throughout the duration of the path, just in case your puppy gets thirsty and there are plenty of dog waste stations.

This is particularly exciting for me, because although I’m fond of holding on to a bag of warm puppy poo while I am running, it is beyond words how nice it is to have a trash can available every 50-100 feet.  You can definitely tell that people like to keep this path nice for everyone to use and its refreshing to see how well kept it is.

If you have the chance to enjoy this quaint running path through the Caughlin Ranch area, please share below.  It would be great to hear what you have to think too!

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